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How Secure are Your Premises?

Welcome to our website

We hope that we can be of interest to you in using any of our Security Services for the complete protection of your property and premises from the crime and vandalism that is happening every minute of every day. Could you please take a few moments of your time to read the following pages, which describe in more detail about all of the Security Services we can offer to you at very competitive prices.
Do you currently have any concerns over the Security of your premises? Do you currently use another Security Company? Are you currently paying extortionate amounts of money to them? Has their quality of Service changed from what you were promised at the beginning of the Contract? If you can answer Yes to any of these questions then maybe it is time for you to consider changing over to our company for your Security Services. We can provide you with an excellent Service which will be carried out in a highly professional manner to meet with your requirements. We are very flexible with our services and we can provide you with an excellent Service for any type of premises or property that you may have complete with a 24 hour call out Service.
All of your Security requirements will be monitored and discussed on a regular basis as we believe in good customer relations and total customer satisfaction.


Lets Cut Crime Together

We are a Leading Professional Security firm based in Plymouth and we can provide our Security Services for any premises within Devon & Cornwall. All the Security Services that we can professionally offer and undertake to our customers are Dog Patrols, which will be carried out by qualified Dog Handlers; Static Security Officers, who will carry out Static Guarding duties for a specified time; Mobile Response Units for random visits and all emergency call outs; Key Holding Service and any type of undercover Covert Operations. We can also offer you Deterrent Signage for your premises which would be displayed in and around your premises and will act as a deterrent .
We can carry out any of these Security Services for very competitive prices around schools, business's, factories and private homes for any periods of time, day or night. We will be happy to meet with your company to discuss any concerns you may have and to address and discuss all aspects of Security for your premises in more detail and advise you accordingly. Always remember that when you leave your premises for any period of time you are a target for theft and vandalism. Our aim is for the protection of your property and premises.


Can You Afford High Insurance Costs?

Every minute of every day a crime is being committed in this country, a majority of these crimes are theft and vandalism to premises that are not using the correct Security Services or using no Security Services at all. This is why our Insurances costs are so high. Our Security Services will be carried out to meet your requirements. Your company will benefit from using our Security Services as it will act as a deterrent to the criminal, it will prevent you from incurring high Insurance costs and will also give you peace of mind knowing that your premises are secure at all times.
Our aim is to help prevent crime and help keep insurance costs low. We also have the ability to use our Dog Patrols with German Shepherd Dogs, if and when we feel it would be beneficial to your premises at no extra cost to yourselves. You will find that most of the other Security Companies can only offer you Static Security Officers and Mobile Response Units but we are unique from them as we have the facility to offer all of our customers German Shepherd Dog Patrols as part of our Service package. This firm is highly professional and we only employ fully qualified Security Officer

GSD Watch Security Ltd | security@gsdwatch.co.uk